Guernsey Press Qs


These are the questions asked by the Guernsey Press


What did the last States get right?

The recently passed Climate Change action plan and strategy for nature means the new Assembly can begin work right away.

What did they get wrong?

Failing to work together as a team for the good of the Bailiwick.

Which of the four shortlisted secondary education models do you favour and why?

Historically I favoured rebuilding three secondary schools but now await new evidence from the review before deciding on the best way to proceed.

Are political parties good for Guernsey?

I’d be happier going back to everyone being independent, I don’t like the idea of Deputies pitched against each other before they’ve even begun

How should we rebuild the economy in the wake of Covid-19?

Invest in fibre-optic cabling, increase broadband speeds and attract hi-tech companies, bring forward capital projects, fiscal stimulus in certain sectors.

 Are more taxes, including a sales tax, an inevitable part of that recovery?

If we can get our economy up and running which last year produced a surplus of £100m then hopefully not.

Which States projects would you like to see prioritised?

Revive and Thrive strategy to protect and grow our economy as we (hopefully) exit Covid, climate change action plan and strategy for nature.

Covid-19: should the island’s borders be opened more quickly?

We are incredibly fortunate to be able to exist in this safe bubble and I would not want to risk that needlessly.

What more should be done to combat climate change?

Install more renewable energy generation, tidal power, solar, off-shore wind. Improve commercial and Industrial recycling, support Guernsey Green Finance.

Are we building houses in the right places?

We should preserve green spaces and make better use of already developed land by redeveloping.

Should cannabis (marijuana) be legalised?

Medical cannabis and cannabis extracts for patients who need it should be easily and cheaply available on island. Recreational? Let’s have the discussion.

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