Welcome Generation Z

Scott Ogier

  • Voted to retain University grants
  • Voted in favour of kerbside recycling
  • Voted in favor of same-sex marriage
  • Supported equality
  • Promoted the Environment
  • Backed progressive social change
  • Supports:
  • Medicinal Cannabis
  • Investing in the economy to keep it strong post Covid
  • Fibre-optic to all homes supplying world beating internet speeds
  • Comprehensive training to prepare for a multitude of different jobs
  • Lowering carbon use

If you are voting for the first time, welcome to my site

You will soon be taking your place as custodians of our society, replacing those currently running the island and as such it is important that we hand over to you an island to be proud of, an island that you wish to protect and to carry on the proud traditions we have built up

The pace of social change has accelerated, we have covered as much ground in a generation as our forebears did in a century and our society is culturally richer, more diverse and inclusive as a result. It won’t always change this quickly

We have aimed for our community to be as free of crime as we can make it, filled with well-educated people capable of making complex decisions and weighing up complex factors, treating everyone fairly no matter their gender or ethnicity and long may this continue under your stewardship in turn

Scott Ogier

led the recycling strategy which took our recycling rate

from 19% to a world-leading 73%

Deputy for 12 years

We need to ensure there are enough partial ownership scheme houses to help get you on the property ladder

We need to invest in training so you’ll have the skills to meet your future employment needs

We need to continue protecting the environment so we all have a sustainable future

I’m keen to carry on preparing our island for takeover by yourselves in the years to come, if you like the things I have done and support the things I want to do then please consider placing one of your votes for me in the upcoming elections.

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